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Amazon Customer Support with OnSite [WEBINAR]

Adrianna Lugo By Adrianna Lugo | Published on Sep 02, 2022 | 3 min read
SUG Co-Founder Daniel chatted with Isaac Hadriye from OnSite!

Use OnSite Support to engage with customers post-purchase, such as:

👉reduce returns
👉avoid bad reviews
👉increase brand loyalty
👉make customers happy

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hey everybody it's daniel tejada here0:02
from straight up growth with my man0:04
isaac the founder of on uh site support0:08
uh super excited about this tool that0:10
he's got uh to show us today it's uh0:12
super unique but isaac let me give him a0:14
quick introduction how are you guys0:16
first of all thanks daniel for having me0:18
and thank you all for listening nice to0:20
meet you all here and i'm very excited0:22
to introduce a brand new program in0:24
partnership with amazon called on-site0:27
support um so looking forward to that0:31
yeah uh you know i was going through the0:34
tool uh with isaac it's it's something0:37
super unique uh0:39
here definitely gonna help for i think a0:41
couple different areas like just right0:43
off the bat as i'm looking at it uh0:45
customer retention is something that's0:47
so huge right now uh we all know0:49
acquisition costs on amazon have been0:51
going up0:52
i'm sure everybody sees their cpcs going0:54
up and so one of the things i really0:57
like to preach to my clients is0:59
you know how do you squeeze more dollars1:00
out per customer and one of the biggest1:02
things is retention retention retention1:04
right being able to upsell them get them1:06
to buy into the brand um and so isaac1:09
without further ado why don't we uh give1:12
the people a taste of what we got going1:13
on here yeah well you know just to1:15
follow up on that point it's not only1:16
about retention or retention is not only1:19
about an upsell it's also about giving1:20
customer support um you know the amazon1:23
program that we're working on is called1:25
the pls program which is product life1:27
cycle support which their main goal is1:29
to increase uh the amount of time that1:32
the product is in the customers hands1:33
you know so if you have to make a fix to1:35
the product or whatever it is to keep1:37
the product in their hand that would1:39
make it a goal and stop a return1:42
awesome yeah i think that's a really1:44
huge point1:46
so for you guys you know what makes this1:47
different right i know that there's ways1:50
you can1:51
you know respond to customers typically1:53
and like complaints and messages like1:54
just amazon's interface but what really1:57
makes you guys different than what1:58
exists in the market today2:00
so this is really the first time that2:02
amazon's opening up the gates for post2:04
purchase engagement right so up until2:06
now you can do a lot of different things2:08
to get a customer to buy from you on2:10
amazon but once they bought it it's2:12
pretty limited in how you could support2:13
them like you mentioned buyer seller2:15
messaging is really the only way now2:16
right um and then when a customer goes2:19
back to their order page the only thing2:20
they can do is either return it or they2:23
can leave a better review um so what we2:25
did is we introduced another option for2:27
the customer on that orders page native2:29
to amazon which is get product support2:32
so now the customer can click on that2:34
button and instead of returning or2:36
leaving that review they can speak to2:37
the seller first speak to that brand at2:40
the point of return try to fix the2:42
problem send out a replacement take care2:43
of the issue help them with it and then2:45
leave a happy customer instead of a2:47
and i think that the biggest part there2:50
is that it's it's native to amazon can2:53
we show uh i got a screen share here2:55
what what it looks like just for context2:57
but this is not2:59
what you normally see at all right um on3:02
the back end but that that highlighted3:04
out can you can you call that out there3:05
for us sure so this is the customer's3:07
order page screen right so when they go3:09
to make a return this is the page3:11
they're coming to um this yellow button3:13
get product support is in yellow in fact3:16
on the page um and if you're brand3:18
registered and fba we can get you3:21
enrolled for that button um that button3:23
has been a pilot on the vendor central3:25
side uh we worked with amazon brought it3:28
over to seller central and now we're3:30
opening it up to all uh brand registered3:32
brands who want to provide support for3:34
their brand3:36
yeah and this is huge right by just3:38
giving you that that additional option3:39
like you mentioned you know most of the3:41
before you know your guys's uh tool here3:45
essentially you wouldn't even have that3:46
button as an option right like you3:48
imagine you could i mean3:50
i like to look at it as basic odds you3:51
know you come to this page up until now3:54
you have two choices return bed review3:56
both suck if you ask me yeah but you3:59
know at least now we're adding one4:01
option that's good get product support4:03
to avoid those other two so now the4:05
seller has a 334:07
chance of survival now um and we're4:09
working with amazon to increase that so4:10
we're adding another button for example4:12
which is a replacements button right so4:14
if you register and enroll you'll your4:16
customer will be able to request the4:18
replacement part from this page instead4:20
of returning or leaving a better review4:21
so it's just another way to stop the bed4:24
button from getting clicked and get them4:25
to push the yellow button4:27
no that's that's awesome and i all know4:29
from uh my early days of selling on4:31
amazon right you know those those4:33
standard email follow-up tools that4:35
people had right just like the hey you4:37
know try to reach out to us uh that used4:40
to work really great back in the day4:41
when not everyone was buying you know4:43
multiple times a day right on amazon and4:46
a lot of those email automated4:47
follow-ups like they get picked up by4:49
sam the customer never ever sees it so4:51
they never even have that option anymore4:53
right like used to be so much easier so4:55
this definitely is reminiscent of that4:57
where all of a sudden there's the4:58
opportunity to communicate with that5:00
customer again uh bringing me back to5:01
the the glory days of amazon uh those5:04
early projects5:05
people always ask me um well how do you5:07
know they're gonna click that button5:08
right i mean what if they just click5:10
return anyway so so my response to that5:12
is most of the time when you give them a5:14
chance to keep the product that they5:15
purchase they will try to keep it5:18
and this is an interesting case study to5:20
show you here so this this product is a5:23
hungry chef pizza oven right so they had5:25
341 units at fba um when when they were5:29
sold through about 154 customers made it5:33
back to the orders page right so 1545:36
potential returns and now 89 of them5:39
clicked get product support instead of5:41
the return button and from those 89 875:43
avoided a return now this might not be5:46
every case but you see here more than 505:48
opted for support versus a return so5:51
depending on the product depending on5:52
the price and the complexity when you5:54
give the customers a chance for support5:56
more often than not they'll take it5:59
oh this is huge and i love that i mean6:01
you're even quantifying that returns6:03
cost avoided6:04
facing the amazon avoided and then on6:07
top of that6:08
we're looking at this from a single6:09
purchase right if this is the brand that6:11
sells multiple items uh here you know6:14
let's say a customer clicks on one of6:16
the other items that they're trying to6:17
sell and they're remembering oh i didn't6:19
like that brand right if you're6:20
mitigating that right those 57 of that6:23
you know customers you've reduced you're6:25
now probably also created a better brand6:27
experience when they do come to buy6:29
again tell their friends you know6:31
they're they're saying in a positive6:32
manner rather than this is not the type6:34
of brand that i want to do i mean6:36
if you look at if you look at these here6:38
these messages coming into our chat this6:40
is like the first week since um this6:42
accounts messages were turned on all6:45
these could have been negative reviews6:47
instead there are live chats that were6:49
remedied within 24 hours this account6:51
has a policy of remedying every chat6:53
within 24 hours so this is6:55
334 possible bed reviews or returns or6:58
like you said bed taste in the mouth7:01
right where you have bed word of mouth7:02
to friends now they all got flipped and7:04
usually the guys that you flip are the7:06
happiest ones at the end of the day you7:08
know and they're the ones who are going7:09
to be7:10
so so the reach is much further than the7:12
actual return you're dealing with it's7:14
also the the uh review rate and the7:17
algorithm at the end of the day7:19
yeah now this is this is wild so many7:21
different ways this this helps um what7:23
i'd love to see is like what happens7:25
when the customer clicks where do they7:26
go from there um on that link itself7:29
so when they click on that link they're7:30
going to come to our third-party landing7:32
page which is a custom built branded7:34
page for your site for your brand so for7:36
example this customer has a fully built7:39
by us on-site support uh support suite7:42
that comes with the full live chat7:44
integration um a full ticketing system7:47
and a self-serve knowledge base so the7:50
customers can come here to answer any7:52
questions check out any manuals guides7:54
if there's videos that can check that as7:56
well but they can also submit a ticket7:58
or start a live chat with the brand all8:00
that can be done from here and as a8:02
brand you get to manage all those chats8:05
from here as well so whether you're8:07
selling on amazon or anywhere else you8:09
just log into your inbox and you can see8:11
all your messages from one place8:13
and it's pretty cool because when you do8:14
log in to check out these messages8:16
you're getting a live info that you8:18
never would have gotten otherwise8:20
you get to see8:22
the order id you're getting the product8:24
name you get the customer name the8:25
customer email address and you can use8:28
all the tools available through our8:29
software to remedy the situation like a8:31
canned response or dropping in a8:33
knowledge-based article or asking for a8:34
video or triggering a a replacement part8:38
all that can be done through the tool8:40
from all your marketplaces that could be8:42
amazon ebay shopify walmart instagram8:45
anywhere anywhere they're trying to8:46
reach you in any way you're selling we8:48
can integrate into the tool8:50
that's awesome yeah so you can link out8:52
not even just from amazon but if they8:53
wanted to utilize that on different8:55
channels uh just make kind of a center8:57
place for for ticketing and customer8:59
support um9:01
it's really really cool i also really9:03
like the landing page piece to that um9:06
just throwing out ideas like one of the9:08
ways that i've done9:10
by a a worse job of what you guys are9:12
doing is like adding qr codes to9:14
packaging right and just building a9:16
custom landing page there um you don't9:17
get the ticketing support directly9:19
through amazon but one of the things9:20
that i like to do on that is really uh9:23
kind of resell the customer number one9:25
so introduce them to new products right9:27
think of like what you do for a plus9:28
content or like a storefront page um i9:31
think educating is really important too9:32
so if you've got complicated items like9:34
how-to videos or little guides there9:37
another way to mitigate that and then9:39
ultimately having the support system9:41
directly from live chat is uh is pretty9:43
powerful as a whole9:45
it's pretty much all that you just said9:46
the way i like to look at it is you know9:48
the amazon integration with that button9:50
is kind of like a bonus but you're also9:52
getting a full support desk like you're9:53
getting a full suite to manage your9:55
support from all your marketplaces so9:57
like let's say you're selling on shopify9:59
we add our live chat button straight on10:00
your shopify store and if someone chats10:02
you there it's coming straight into the10:04
tool so you can manage it from our10:05
software from like i said any10:07
marketplace that you're on it just makes10:08
it easier to manage support so that10:10
naturally you're more professional your10:12
customers are happier they're getting10:13
taken care of quicker that's going to10:15
reduce your returns reduce negative10:17
sentiment and better reviews um and we10:18
try to make it as easy as possible so10:20
we're going to fully design and build10:22
out these landing pages for you like10:24
this landing page is going to give you10:26
all the live chat you need we're going10:27
to build out the full knowledge base10:29
we'll integrate it to your marketplaces10:31
and as you mentioned that qr code10:33
we're also going to provide you with10:35
that qr code which is amazon approved by10:38
their tos so they designed it and we're10:40
just changing it for your brand let me10:42
just pull one up here10:45
you'll get a custom qr code like this10:48
with your logo on branding that'll10:49
direct the customers straight to your10:51
site so you add this to your product10:52
packaging and instead of even getting10:54
them from the orders page we'll get them10:56
from the package itself and save them10:58
that trip and you know get the odds11:00
better like we said earlier improve your11:02
chance of getting the return avoided um11:04
so we'll give you the qr code we'll set11:05
up the landing page integrate it11:07
everywhere show you how to use it and11:08
make sure you're up and running11:11
yeah super cool and i know i've seen11:12
some things with like product inserts11:14
where i've utilized it even putting some11:16
of i've had brands where we've thrown qr11:18
codes directly on product packaging and11:20
you'd be amazed at all the adoption that11:22
you'd see i think uh11:24
maybe one of the only positives from11:25
covet is that almost everyone learned11:27
how to use qr codes because of11:28
restaurants and all that they're11:30
everywhere it's true11:32
yeah but just to show you some some11:33
other examples of the landing pages it's11:35
very customizable so we can add videos11:38
here you know how-to guides um11:39
replacement forms warranty applications11:42
replacement parts all that will be done11:44
by our team for for you on this page so11:46
when your customer comes here they're11:47
impressed they see a real company they11:49
see a brand they have trust that you11:51
could take care of their issue11:53
no i think that's that's huge uh there11:55
you're you're really building the the11:57
brand side of things and i think one11:58
thing that's super important is that12:00
this is compliant with amazon right like12:02
that's one of the you know we live in an12:04
area where there's a lot of gray uh and12:06
being able to have something that12:08
you know you know with a high degree of12:09
confidence that we can uh we can do12:11
because amanda approves it that's that's12:13
huge uh yes12:15
check it out our website you'll see if12:16
you check out our website you'll see an12:18
endorsement video from amazon there i'm12:20
encouraging brands to use the software12:22
um explaining what it's about and how it12:23
benefits even amazon because amazon's12:26
happy when they avoid returns too12:27
because they don't want that labor back12:29
and forth they'd rather keep the revenue12:31
increase the market share and just move12:32
on to the next you know they don't want12:33
to deal with this either so they're very12:35
happy when cut when sellers on board to12:37
this and and uh give the real support12:39
that's required um12:42
sorry i lost track there what were you12:44
in the middle of saying no no i like it12:45
i like that thing12:47
yeah it's compliant it's there's so many12:49
good things so i lose track of this12:52
i was going to say that amazon did12:53
endorse us and we're fully compliant12:55
meaning we brought this idea to amazon12:57
we told them how beneficial this could12:59
be to the sellers they gave us the beta13:02
they loved the beta and now they opened13:04
it up um in the two months that we've13:05
been open we already have 100 brands13:07
enrolled and it's really13:09
filling up quick so i would suggest to13:11
your audience if they're worried about13:12
holiday in q4 and the returns rush post13:15
holiday now's the time to sign up and13:16
get ready to manage those13:19
how long would you say you know setting13:21
something like this up typically takes13:23
uh you guys for a brand i'm sure a13:25
number of products are important and13:26
things like that but how quickly can can13:29
you know customers get things going so13:30
we have a full design team on staff13:33
that's putting these together daily um13:35
the usual turnaround time is going to be13:36
three to five days to get your landing13:38
page fully built out and designed oh wow13:40
amazon integration might take another13:42
week um they take longer to get that13:44
button up but everything else should be13:45
up and running right away and then we13:47
can make all those integrations and13:48
connections that the seller needs13:51
that's awesome yeah sounds pretty quick13:53
to set something like this up um13:56
there i'm trying to think uh13:58
what would you say14:00
you know the biggest the things your14:02
customers love most right now about uh14:04
about this tool are um for maybe the top14:06
three things14:07
i mean i think the most important thing14:09
is that when a customer buys something14:12
they usually intend to keep it and it's14:14
very frustrating as a seller when you14:17
know they want to keep it you know you14:18
could fix the problem but you have no14:20
means or tools to do it you know and14:22
it's been like this for 15 years because14:24
i've been a seller on amazon for a long14:25
time and i know the pain you know that's14:27
where this came from right you sell on14:28
amazon you feel the pain you find the14:30
solution then you sell the solution so14:32
um so i know what it is and i know how14:34
frustrating it is for a seller so this14:36
really is the first time amazon's14:38
opening up and giving you that ability i14:39
mean you're getting the contact14:41
information you're able to speak14:42
directly with them and you have front14:44
placement right on amazon's order page14:46
so it doesn't get any closer than that14:48
you know it's literally an inch away14:50
from that return button they could speak14:52
to you from an amazon button so you as a14:54
seller you can't give up that14:56
opportunity no matter what you need to14:57
have that connection with your customer15:00
yeah and i know honestly like one of the15:03
biggest things or issues i have let's15:05
say with like some traditional retail15:07
heavy brands or just bigger brands in15:09
general is that uh oh i lose my customer15:13
you know the ability to own that15:15
conversation right and this is a way to15:16
re-engage um15:18
you know some of those customers in a15:20
way that you're you're probably more15:21
used to uh and it's you know easy-peasy15:24
directly where uh where that that15:26
customer is actually ordering you know15:27
or going to that section on their page15:30
especially with so much competition on15:32
amazon it's getting harder and harder to15:34
separate yourself from the rest as you15:36
mentioned earlier repeat customers are a15:38
big thing you know people pay to acquire15:40
a customer but when you pay for post15:42
acquisition success that's when you keep15:44
an easy customer that's low hanging15:45
fruit that's going to keep coming back15:46
you know so you want that guy first uh15:48
so the the oh yeah the more tools we15:51
give you to get to that guy the the15:53
easier is going to be to improve your15:54
bottom line15:56
100 i know we uh15:58
we partner with this company where we16:00
can uh pulse my customer journey16:02
information on amazon so not just like16:04
ltv but like ltv by product and like16:07
different cohorts and some interesting16:08
one brand that we work with uh they have16:11
super high ltb right like the average16:13
buys about 10x right um and it they buy16:18
the item 10 times in the 12 month period16:20
on average so new customer acquisition16:22
is huge for us one gap that i saw was16:25
only 30 of our customers were reordering16:27
so our average customer if they buy a16:29
second time is actually buying a lot16:31
more um but we were a little bit low on16:33
secondary purchases so like we switched16:35
up our whole dsp16:36
around trying to and even our content16:39
about trying to uh really push retention16:42
uh we saw in two months that's 150 00016:45
increase in our organic revenue just by16:47
increasing our secondary purchases16:49
you know a couple percentage points so16:51
something you know tool like this that16:53
even one two five percent you know who16:55
knows how high it can go um can really16:58
really make a big difference especially16:59
the more and more volume that you're17:00
doing as a seller take that up a level17:03
to a subscribe and save model right when17:05
you have like a replenishable item um17:07
sorry a perishable item and subscribe17:10
and save like a vitamin or food or17:11
anything like that that can't be17:13
returned and you have a customer getting17:15
a shipment every few weeks they get one17:17
bad shipment and they can't return it17:19
you know what they can do cancel it17:21
that's all they could do is cancel your17:22
subscription so you saved one of those17:24
and you're saving an annual subscription17:26
and i have many customers sellers like17:28
that that are thrilled that they now17:29
have the ability to save those17:31
subscriptions because you work hard to17:32
build a brand on amazon and you finally17:34
get that customer willing to reorder17:36
from you automatically which is the goal17:38
in retail and now yeah17:40
just because you can't speak to the guy17:41
you know so we're giving you that17:43
ability you should be thrilled if you're17:44
a subscriber and safe seller that's for17:46
that's huge yeah and i know their seller17:49
i know sellers that get 50 to 70 percent17:51
of their revenue off subscribe and save17:52
orders alone so i totally totally see17:55
the big benefit on that front that's17:56
huge send it my way um17:59
i should i should uh man i better get a18:02
referral for it we'll see18:04
well we do have an affiliate link so you18:06
should give your listeners a discount18:08
and let them use your affiliate link to18:09
sign up for our tool that and sooner18:11
rather than later before the holiday18:13
yeah i definitely i definitely love18:15
trying to get some like this set up18:16
before the holidays we'll make sure that18:18
uh within our18:20
uh in the comments here you'll18:21
definitely see a link uh to uh to visit18:24
the tool itself um super excited about18:27
this tool i've honestly never seen18:29
anything like it so this is definitely18:31
very very exciting um on our end here uh18:36
how else can people kind of reach out18:37
we'll have a link uh there what's kind18:40
of your standard website just to make18:42
sure people know how to get you18:43
sure so they can always go to18:45 anytime i have a live18:48
chat there they can start chatting with18:49
me there or they can email isaac isaac18:52
and we'll definitely get back to you one18:56
of those two ways18:58
awesome awesome well thank you so much19:00
isaac for uh for having the people you19:02
know being on here today showing people19:03
the new tool uh definitely reach out you19:05
know feel free to message me directly if19:07
you guys have questions i'm super pumped19:08
up about this tool it's uh19:10
yeah uh retention is is the name of the19:13
game uh making sure you have a good19:15
customer experience and this is just a19:17
way that we can get you know that much19:18
further so appreciate you taking the19:20
time today19:21
thank you very much daniel i really19:22
appreciate it i enjoyed our conversation19:24
i hope your audience does too and i look19:26
forward to following up with them and19:28
you thank you very much19:30
awesome have a good one

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