Straight Up Growth Success Stories

Straight Up Growth has a nearly 100% customer retention rate.  Our average customer’s Amazon sales are up well over 100%.  

Please feel free to ask for about more case studies including Lindt, who owns Ghirardelli, the world’s largest chocolate company whose sales went from $480K to $1.4MM per month and hit #1 in grocery and gourmet food in the first 30 days with us.

The two case studies below are two of several customers whose sales grew Straight Up on Amazon with SUG’s strategy and ad management.

Building a Strong Presence on Amazon

A popular brand in the pet industry was seeing successful sales through their on website but was vastly underperforming on Amazon - bringing in only $15,000 in sales. We found an opportunity to leverage their off-Amazon customers to drive brand awareness to their Amazon listings. We also identified an opportunity to improve the conversion rate on their listings. Our biggest finding was that low session activity was caused by lack of organic visibility on the Amazon platform. We focused our efforts on new customer acquisition as well as improving organic ranking.

In 12 months, we experienced a strong turnaround:

  • Sales increase from $15,000 per month to $1,000,000, or 6566% growth
  • Customer reviews catapulted from 12 to 1,600
  • Occupied the #1 organic result listing
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Reduce Ad Spend While Increasing Sales

How many times have you heard that you need to increase your advertising budget in order to drive sales? What if we told you that we could cut your channel-specific spend and still increase sales? That’s exactly what we did for one of our beauty brands.

Through our audit, we identified several opportunities to reduce ad spend for terms that were not converting. Those funds were then reallocated to high converting search terms. We also reduced branded spend and were able to focus ad spend toward new customer acquisition.

Within 60 days we saw outstanding results:

  • Increased Sales from $644,000 per month to $1,150,000 per month
  • Reduced Ad Spend by 67%
  • 309% Increase in Converting Non-Branded Search Terms on Ads
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