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  • Straight Up Growth specializes in delivering best-in-class growth to brands on Amazon

  • Founded in 2020 by Evan Kesner and Daniel Tejada, Straight Up Growth is an advertising agency specializing in one thing and one thing only - growing brands on Amazon.

    Evan, a serial entrepreneur, and Daniel, an Amazon ads wiz who has sold over $350,000,000 on Amazon, saw an opportunity to help great business grow on Amazon. In less than two years, the company has grown to 18 people and over $300MM in Amazon sales managed for a variety of brands.

meet the team

Daniel Tejada, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer

Daniel Tejada

Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer

Evan Kesner, Co-Founder and CEO

Evan Kesner

Co-Founder and CEO

Marco Tejada, VP of Operations

Marco Tejada

VP of Operations

David Allen, Director of Amazon Growth Consultant

David Allen

Director of Amazon Growth Consultant

Nikki Valles, Sr. Amazon Ads Manager

Nikki Valles

Sr. Amazon Ads Manager

Mark Anderson, Sr. Amazon Growth Consultant

Mark Anderson

Sr. Amazon Growth Consultant

Jerome Martinez, Amazon Content Manager

Jerome Martinez

Amazon Content Manager

Meridith Andrew, Senior Amazon Brand Strategist

Meridith Andrew

Senior Amazon Brand Strategist

Joe Nixon, Amazon Growth Consultant

Joe Nixon

Amazon Growth Consultant

Patrick DeRiso, II, Amazon Content Manager

Patrick DeRiso, II

Amazon Content Manager

Adrianna Lugo, Social Media Manager

Adrianna Lugo

Social Media Manager

Anthony Hernandez, Amazon Ads Manager

Anthony Hernandez

Amazon Ads Manager

Emily Kozel, Brand Strategist

Emily Kozel

Brand Strategist

Alex Peck, Director of Amazon

Alex Peck

Director of Amazon

Katie Ritterbush, Brand Strategist

Katie Ritterbush

Brand Strategist

Rachel d’Autremont, Brand Strategist

Rachel d’Autremont

Brand Strategist

Scott Ptaszynski, Brand Strategist

Scott Ptaszynski

Brand Strategist

Minh Dang, Amazon Ads Manager

Minh Dang

Amazon Ads Manager

Yassine Elkarmoudi, Senior Amazon Ads Manager

Yassine Elkarmoudi

Senior Amazon Ads Manager

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