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Leveraging a combination of our proprietary technology and hands-on strategy, our team provides best-in-class growth to our clients for their Amazon channel.

Here’s what We specialize in

We are Smart

We maximize your performance through Search Ads and our claim to fame ranking strategies. You’ll quickly navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Amazon Ads and see jaw-dropping results.

Search Ads
Investment Planning
Ranking Strategies
We are Smart
Predictable growth

Thanks to our extensive market research and data-driven insights from SUG’s proprietary tools to produce a transparent, and accurate forecast. As we execute, you’ll know exactly where and when that revenue is coming. We call that a win-win.

Category Analysis
Performance Tracking
We are Smart
Listing Optimization

Traffic without conversion is just noise. We build conversion-centric listings to optimize with the right details so your customer will buy, buy, buy!

A+ Content
Product Photography
We are Smart
Driving off Amazon growth

Be the leader of the pack and utilize Amazon’s newest cutting-edge tools, like the Demand Side Platform (DSP) or Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) from a team with unparalleled Amazon expertise.

Amazon DSP
Marketing Cloud
Compliance & Mgmt

Flipping Amazon

Upside down.
Here’s how the magic works:


Our Adsassins do more than Amazon management; we become trusted partners, dedicated to your success and customer satisfaction. Our approach includes strategic planning, data analysis, accurate forecasting, and innovative tactics to maximize revenue efficiently.

We excel at identifying the right products to promote, optimizing timing, deploying effective marketing, budget allocation, and utilizing various advertising techniques. In essence, we offer comprehensive support for your Amazon business.


As Amazon becomes more and more competitive ramping up spend is not the answer. The true winners within Amazon will learn how to spend more efficiently, maximizing reach and conversion rates.

Enter Straight Up Growth.

We spend better so you sell more. Our time- tested campaign structure and search term harvesting strategy reduce wasted ad spend and increase conversion rates. You can take that profitability straight to the bank.


We drive efficient growth for brands looking to leverage organic growth, and we drive rapid results for brands looking to scale quickly.

Whatever your goals and objectives are within Amazon — we have a team of seasoned Adsassins and a unique approach to growth, so we can work together to achieve your goals.

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