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Amazon + Paid Social

Adrianna Lugo By Adrianna Lugo | Published on Sep 02, 2022 | 5 min read
SUG Co-Founder Daniel Tejada is going through the basics of using Amazon attribution hand in hand with your paid social strategy!

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hello everybody0:11
today we're going to chat through0:13
all right0:34
sorry having a couple uh0:35
technical difficulties there0:38
cool looks like the link is uh is0:42
working so excited to uh to have0:44
everyone on on board here today we'll be0:46
discussing uh amazon and paid social0:49
right in all that relationship there um0:52
our guest uh just as an fyi uh bobby uh0:56
he his wife is having a baby here today0:58
so he did have to uh to pivot but we're1:00
gonna jump through and chat through some1:02
opportunities that we're seeing as a1:03
so one you know why is this important1:07
right uh one of the1:10
big things when it comes down to amazon1:12
that we've seen you know over the last1:15
12 months or so is uh a big increase in1:19
our average cpcs right cost per1:21
acquisition is up um there you know as1:24
uh as amazon become became more popular1:26
there's been a lot more advertisers that1:28
come on uh to that platform1:31
and so uh amazon's just become a much1:33
more expensive endeavor uh and utilizing1:36
things like outside traffic can be an1:38
excellent excellent way uh for us to1:41
help facilitate growth on amazon in1:43
addition to you know what we would do1:45
from a in an ads perspective1:47
um so one you know like what can this do1:50
for you right we've seen1:52
you know brands do1:54
about 12x you know a regular day through1:58
something as simple as some outside1:59
traffic uh to amazon right um there so2:03
first things first how do you track it2:05
right one of the most important pieces2:07
uh there that amazon has you know2:09
released is is the amazon attribution uh2:11
pixel itself uh you know provides a lot2:14
kind of insights into into uh2:18
how an actual medium performs right so2:20
you can set it up for any channel that2:22
you're running on uh there uh amazon2:25
does also provide a 102:26
uh referral fee as a sort of bonus there2:28
because they are trying to encourage2:30
more and more users to actually drive or2:32
sellers to actually drive outside2:34
traffic to amazon um and essentially2:36
it's going to create a nice uh nice way2:38
of tracking it you'll get that 102:40
referral back2:41
and really when it comes to outside2:44
traffic right there's a couple different2:46
goals that we're going to have you know2:48
one is obviously sales2:50
um so just uh you know purely tracking2:52
that from a sales perspective to help2:55
uh estimate your roi is really important2:57
but the other big thing that we're going2:58
to start to see is branded volume right3:00
changes and people actually searching3:02
uh your brand on amazon and this is3:06
really really going to help us from a3:07
sales velocity perspective um there3:10
we're going to be able to get customers3:12
to our product detail pages uh3:14
themselves um and amazon also does3:16
provide something called brand metrics3:19
it's in the back end of your ad console3:22
there for almost every brand uh and it3:25
actually allows you to see things like3:28
how many branded searches you have how3:30
many branded searches and detail pages3:32
uh detail page views you have so that3:34
metrics a little bit further uh3:37
in regards to being important as you're3:39
actually allowed to uh3:40
you can see that not only did a customer3:42
search for your name but they actually3:43
got to your product detail page and3:45
that's a very important kpi for us3:48
there it shows a much higher degree of3:50
consideration than branded search alone3:52
uh and then also within brand3:54
metrics you're actually gonna have the3:55
ability to3:57
see brand customers who purchased right4:00
so not everything is going to get4:02
tracked always through attribution right4:04
some customers are going to see your ads4:06
uh there they're going to get interested4:08
and they're going to come back later and4:09
purchase right and so that brand metrics4:10
piece is also a really important one to4:12
but all of these pieces together really4:15
allow us to start to see some sales4:17
velocity right um now where this can be4:20
really really fruitful for us right now4:22
is things like product launches um you4:25
know when we're launching a product in4:27
amazon one of the things that4:29
is unfortunate right is you start with a4:30
low degree of reviews um there and so we4:34
really really like leveraging you know4:36
different mediums such as like tik tok4:38
youtube uh leveraging some influencers4:41
can all be a great way to launch a4:43
product um uh towards amazon there um4:46
there's two places we tend to like to4:48
link uh one is you know we're doing an4:50
individual product4:52
there and we have a really nice built4:54
out product detail page4:56
that's one that's going to be one of the4:57
the key pieces right to ensure that we4:59
actually have a strong conversion rate5:02
uh from our outside traffic itself so5:04
making sure you have a robust title5:07
making sure you've got some built down5:08
bullet points uh and really product5:10
photos are and a plus content are where5:12
we find are probably two of the most5:14
important things for conversion rate on5:16
amazon um so making sure that if you are5:18
going to drive outside traffic to your5:21
amazon listing right we have it built5:23
out in a very uh robust way and that5:25
it's optimized for conversion uh5:27
especially when you don't have a lot of5:28
reviews uh you know the product images5:31
the text within the images the unique5:33
selling points are all going to be super5:35
super important5:36
uh one other area that we've driven5:39
outside traffic to that's done really5:41
really well for us is actually building5:43
like uh you know an inner page on a5:46
storefront to become more like a landing5:49
page right so a lot of sellers on amazon5:51
they'll create kind of a fairly basic5:53
storefront but what we find is5:56
leveraging it to5:57
or turning a storefront into a landing5:59
page so throwing videos in there uh6:01
using rich images you can actually6:03
create an even more robust landing page6:05
than what you would do through uh your6:07
product detail page itself so6:09
driving outside traffic to something6:10
like a storefront can also be a great6:12
great way of ensuring that you're going6:14
to have a high degree of uh of6:17
conversions uh6:18
there um cool6:21
uh there's a couple different mediums6:24
right that people are utilizing right6:25
now and seeing various degrees of6:27
uh i think one that's6:30
uh you know a little bit hot right now6:31
that's worth chatting through is uh tick6:34
tock right and what we can kind of see6:36
on the tick tock side of things um so6:38
one you know tick tock6:40
does have pretty incredible organic6:42
reach um so creating a content strategy6:45
uh on utilizing something like tick tock6:47
can be a great way to to just build an6:49
audience and start to drive some um6:52
some traffic to amazon over time um6:55
there uh what we find is6:58
really just like authentic content right7:01
so understanding who your user is right7:03
getting uh especially you can get7:04
people to create7:06
user generated contents a great way as7:08
well like throwing some um some items7:10
over to some influencers7:12
and having them actually post about it7:15
on tick tock it's been something that's7:16
really really sick um if we're doing7:18
things like a7:20
uh we're doing tic tac in a paid fashion7:22
one of the things that is nice about tik7:24
tok is the cpms tend to be lower uh on7:27
average um on tick tock compared to all7:30
the other ad platforms now uh even7:32
though there's a lot of interest in tick7:34
tock it's still relatively inexpensive7:36
so definitely worth um testing from an7:38
ads perspective if it's something you um7:40
you know are not used to7:42
uh i will say what we find is average7:45
order value on tick tock tends to be a7:48
little bit lower right so most customers7:51
on the platform are not buying you know7:53
really high price point items there so7:55
definitely like lower than a hundred7:57
uh tends to be pretty strong um8:00
there in terms of like direct conversion8:02
there are8:04
uh i will say some really interesting8:06
things from a brand lift perspective so8:08
we tend to see tick tock as being one of8:10
the best mediums out there right now for8:13
for creating some branded lift uh there8:17
it's not always going to8:19
convert necessarily uh but you start to8:23
see those brand lift uh pieces and8:25
that's where things like setting up8:27
retargeting uh on your amazon efforts8:29
right with like uh you could do this8:30
with dsp you can set up a retargeting8:32
you cannot purchase you can also set up8:34
a um8:36
uh but not purchase through sponsored8:38
display right if you don't you know8:39
maybe you're not into uh dsp yet but8:41
sponsor display always setting up a8:43
retargeting campaign as a just general8:45
best practice is always something you'll8:47
want to do8:48
do you see we have a question here8:51
do you let's see8:55
you drive them directly to amazon8:56
product listings so i'd say uh8:59
yes either either directly to an amazon9:01
product listing or directly to an amazon9:03
storefront um there but if you really9:06
build out a storefront page can really9:08
really be fruitful as a whole so9:10
definitely definitely a good question um9:12
there are some folks that will9:14
drive um9:16
that outside traffic to a landing page9:19
outside of amazon first and then9:21
redirect to amazon that's definitely9:22
been something that i've seen as well uh9:24
the advantage on something like that is9:26
you can9:27
potentially do like an email capture uh9:30
or some sort of like sms capture to kind9:32
of get them to go to that next step or9:34
to claim some sort of deal things like9:36
that um9:37
it can be depending on how9:40
smooth you are at setting up uh kind of9:42
those those landing pages can be a9:45
couple of extra steps so uh just driving9:47
directly to the product detail page but9:48
using the brain referral link is9:50
definitely something we recommend9:52
cool so jumping back into tick tock uh9:56
here i will say9:58
do you still use uh that's a good10:01
question too10:03
okay do you still use two steps urls for10:05
ranking um it's a good question so if we10:08
are let's say driving outside traffic10:10
uh to amazon um and this is actually a10:13
old school strategy but um there are10:16
ways where it can work so setting up10:18
essentially a two-step url10:20
trying to get the traffic that that10:24
customer the outside traffic when they10:26
go to the listing itself to kind of be10:29
keyword rich right to help you10:30
essentially rank a little bit in search10:32
amazon has shut down some of the10:35
standard two-step urls from a ranking10:37
perspective piece so it doesn't10:38
necessarily work as well um as it used10:41
to from an seo perspective um we've been10:44
focusing a little bit less on on10:46
two-step urls from that outside traffic10:49
directly to amazon um and really10:51
focusing more on like conversion uh and10:53
brand lift there uh really for us we10:56
like to use like our amazon ppc for10:58
ranking um pretty aggressively and what11:01
we'll do is really use that outside11:02
traffic to help see spikes in sales11:04
velocity branded volume and reviews11:07
right reviews are always going to be a11:08
big uh goal from those those efforts so11:10
i'll say we don't use two-step urls uh11:12
as frequently anymore just because11:14
amazon has minimized the impact uh for11:17
the most part there are some11:18
ways to get around that um and if you11:20
have figured that out then that's uh11:22
totally okay definitely a good medium11:24
there but in general we tend to not use11:26
the two steps urls uh as aggressively11:29
um cool11:34
which links do you11:37
okay so another question which links to11:38
use for external traffic so that's going11:41
to be the amazon brand referral link11:43
there that's the you know pixel that11:45
amazon provides allows us to uh one get11:48
a 10 kick back on the the uh sales11:51
themselves and two uh does allow us to11:53
start actually tracking11:55
you know things like detail page views11:56
and impressions and all that fun stuff11:58
um as well so you can get a better read12:00
on how the external traffic performs as12:02
a whole uh just a general pro tip if you12:05
are using like you know the amazon let's12:07
say uh12:09
brand referral link there you do have to12:11
drive enough traffic for it to12:14
really start to be measured right so if12:15
you're only spending a tiny bit on12:17
external traffic and you're only12:19
generating you know a couple clicks12:20
there or12:22
less than a couple hundred clicks uh12:24
it's really not going to be as fruitful12:26
for you guys um there and usually the12:27
attribution link doesn't work as well if12:29
there's not a lot of traffic flowing12:31
through it12:32
let's see uh so some other mediums that12:39
people are seeing um some pretty good12:41
results in for driving outside traffic12:42
to amazon um youtube surprisingly uh12:46
youtube definitely works relatively well12:48
uh it does12:51
follow again more of like a brand lift12:54
then um we're not going to see quite as12:57
high of like a conversion directly from12:59
youtube but that brand lift's important13:00
right if you are putting in the work to13:02
create a strong uh listing there um and13:06
you're gonna put in the work to really13:08
focus on on improving your conversion13:09
rates you set up retargeting from an13:11
amazon perspective then driving that13:13
branded volume to get folks into your13:15
funnel um is going to be valuable right13:17
it's all about getting them to actually13:18
convert from there um13:21
uh let's see13:24
then it's a good question um13:27
i have not13:29
done this specifically i'm trying to13:31
rank amazon listings uh13:33
on google through backlinks but i do13:35
know there are some savvy sellers out13:37
there that do some pretty interesting13:39
things with with google like even just13:41
trying to push up their own seo on their13:43
amazon listings um or even running like13:45
adwords ads directly to an amazon13:48
listing on certain search terms can be13:49
fruitful uh i'd say13:52
it is a little tougher to do this you13:53
gotta really know what your your stuff13:56
on that front um but13:58
it's not a bad idea to think about13:59
google right amazon has said in the past14:02
that they expect you know their amazon14:04
storefront pages to actually have seo14:06
benefits you know in their search and14:08
also in google search um and i have seen14:11
a couple things recently of some google14:13
search results starting to rank i'm14:15
sorry for some amazon storefronts14:17
starting to rank on google um so google14:19
is a good medium for sure14:21
to consider uh but we don't do you know14:24
a lot of like ranking on on amazon14:26
through google uh google backlinks there14:29
then i think one other thing that's14:34
important as we're talking about amazon14:36
and paid social uh is the fact that14:39
is now you know really really14:42
encouraging um14:44
the usage of influencers in general14:46
right um one thing that's in beta right14:48
now um but they will be releasing it to14:51
more and more sellers is the amazon14:53
creator portal uh within the amazon14:55
creator portal what you'll be able to do14:58
is actually directly15:00
show uh or directly send your your15:03
products or customers uh directly15:06
in to uh15:08
directly to the hand of amazon15:09
influencers right you'll be able to set15:11
how many influencers you want to send15:14
your products to uh you can send15:16
essentially a commission or you can15:18
choose a commission on15:20
um how much you're willing to pay the15:22
influencers per sale uh you're able to15:24
kind of refine the targeting based on15:26
certain you know categories that you're15:27
actually um15:29
spending on uh and then from there uh15:32
it'll actually be essentially a way of15:34
you to like an amazon15:36
version of15:38
basically your marketing um there you'll15:40
be able to track all your kpis uh we are15:42
testing it and it's been super15:44
interesting so far uh on some of the15:46
brands that we're testing that's on um15:48
so i would say in general right if we're15:50
thinking about amazon uh15:52
amazon is building their own creator15:54
network and their own kind of influencer15:56
network and so that15:57
definitely kind of speaks to how15:59
powerful that can be right um there's uh16:02
one brand i always like to use an16:03
example of is this brand goalie um16:07
they sell supplements uh if you ever16:09
look up goalie products on amazon you'll16:12
see they've always got16:13
40 you know 100 uh thousand reviews they16:16
launch items really really quickly um16:18
like their goalie apple cider vinegar16:20
for example it's got 350 000 reviews16:23
right now right on a single product16:25
listing which is pretty insane16:27
goalie is a brand that16:29
loves to drive outside traffic to amazon16:31
uh essentially what they're gonna do uh16:34
or what they tend to do there when they16:35
launch an item uh they'll go really big16:38
uh on this kind of strategy and they'll16:40
hit things like tv um they'll hit like16:43
pamphlets and they will drive traffic16:44
directly to amazon even though those16:47
items start off with no reviews uh they16:50
tend to see incredible sales velocity16:52
very quickly because of all that outside16:53
traffic that they drive um but the big16:57
kind of secondary benefit is it's not16:59
just a one-time17:00
it's not just a one-time short-term17:04
short-term impact because all of a17:05
sudden sales velocity goes up but it17:08
becomes uh kind of a multiplier because17:10
of how quickly they are able to generate17:12
reviews right they'll do17:14
one big push and all of a sudden uh or17:16
one big push with outside traffic all of17:18
a sudden they've got 500 reviews right17:20
on a net new listing that is something17:22
that provides a lot of17:24
improvements in your overall conversion17:26
rate for for attacking amazon right so17:28
when we're thinking about outside17:29
traffic really it comes down to like17:31
what are your goals right and a lot of17:32
the times product launch is one of the17:34
best ways to use sort of that outside17:36
traffic there um17:40
hannah i saw this question i know we17:42
answered this but i will answer for you17:44
here uh again so essentially do we drive17:48
uh folks from from off amazon directly17:50
to amazon product listing uh we did we17:53
would drive them in to either one of two17:55
places so one you're correct would be an17:57
amazon product listing there can17:59
definitely be really fruitful um we do18:01
recommend using the brand referral link18:03
so you get that 10 kickback and can18:05
track if you're driving directly to an18:07
amazon listing18:08
the other recommendation we have is18:10
building out your storefront page to18:12
turn more into like or at least one of18:14
your inner pages to be very similar to18:17
like a landing page like you'd see on on18:19
your dot com right you can use things18:20
like video18:21
uh you can use things like rich images18:24
things like that um in the back end of18:26
your storefronts as well um you can18:28
always track all of those kpis so you18:30
can actually see things like um18:33
which pages are getting views how many18:35
sales are getting are happening on that18:36
page um there and you can also use uh18:40
one of those amazon tracking links to18:41
drive directly to your storefront as18:43
um cool all right so we talked about the18:51
brand referral bonus a lot talked about18:53
creator portal um you know talked about18:55
why outside traffic is important kind of18:57
how you can uh you can leverage it there19:00
the other big thing that we've kind of19:04
spoken through is why is this important19:06
right um you know you should always have19:08
a goal for this19:09
another thing that i think is important19:10
for brands to understand is19:12
do you do this at a product level or at19:14
a brand level right when you're driving19:16
that outside traffic we typically19:18
recommend that you're driving it at more19:20
of a uh19:22
of a brand level um i'm sorry more of a19:25
product level there means your content19:27
can get a little bit more granular means19:29
your targeting can get a little bit more19:30
granular um there and when you're19:32
driving them to the product listing19:34
ultimately you'll you'll have a higher19:35
chance of conversion the more granular19:37
you go with your content and the19:39
products themselves19:40
so steve asked about you know a19:49
kind of successful launch case study uh19:52
if we have one um in regards to kind of19:54
driving that outside traffic so got a19:57
brand in the19:59
energy space here uh where20:02
we had uh we had like one core item20:04
there we launched kind of a secondary20:06
and actually leveraged uh essentially20:09
tick tock to really um20:13
really push that item out right we20:15
basically sold through20:17
six months worth of inventory in a week20:20
right when we started to when we really20:22
hit on on tick tock there20:24
we got uh and a lot of it was was20:26
actually pretty organic so we just20:27
started putting out a lot of like high20:29
quality uh content but just throwing a20:31
lot out there got a lot of organic20:33
visibility through that piece we linked20:35
directly back to amazon um and so yeah20:38
literally sold out of six months worth20:40
of inventory and in a couple weeks uh20:42
there um20:44
and the other big benefit20:46
is it started to help our our products20:48
to actually rank much better on amazon20:51
itself so not only did we see20:54
you know a big degree of sales but we20:56
also got 200 reviews in three weeks20:58
right uh there so that means when i21:01
finally got back in stock i was able to21:03
start with a much higher converting21:05
product than what i had uh originally21:08
there um now we did execute like all the21:10
practices that we spoke through right so21:12
we made sure that we had21:13
really strong title we made sure that we21:15
had you know strong bullet points our21:18
all of our product photos included you21:19
know text directly over the product21:21
images to make sure that we'd have a21:23
strong conversion rate and then some21:25
pretty robust kind of a plus content and21:27
that combination there21:29
really enabled us to see some some21:31
strong uh kind of early growth there and21:33
now we're kind of21:34
using that success and and really21:36
hitting it hard from an amazon ppc front21:39
uh to take advantage of the listing now21:40
that it's a little bit more uh more21:42
strong uh21:44
yeah so that's a good example of like a21:46
product launch got another example here21:49
um it's kind of the next steps off of a21:52
paid social effort but essentially uh21:55
got another brand21:57
high repeat purchase type of item where21:59
we did a lot of facebook marketing um to22:02
to drive brand awareness on that one we22:04
actually drove right to uh to the22:06
brand's own website but we turned the22:07
website into the being more like a22:09
landing page so doing email captures uh22:12
and actually driving them back to amazon22:14
is a kind of key endeavor there uh and22:17
from that we've gotten22:19
a lot we've gotten a lot of um22:22
email addresses from it right so this22:24
past pride day22:25
typically we do22:27
ten thousand dollars a day right for22:30
this brand or ten to fifteen thousand a22:32
day on prime day we did two hundred22:34
sixty thousand dollars um in in kind of22:37
one day there the thing that really22:39
helped us22:40
max out on our our sales velocity there22:42
was we took that email list that we22:44
built from the facebook ads themselves22:47
we drove that uh we did an email blast22:50
directly to22:51
our our customers um or potential22:53
customers said hey we're having a you22:55
know 30 off sale on amazon uh here's the22:58
link from that link you know we23:00
attributed uh23:02
about 180 000 worth of the you know 26023:05
000 total dollars to that email blast23:08
right so it became a really really23:09
powerful kind of asset for us um now23:12
when you have an email list you don't23:13
want to use it23:15
all the time right you want to make sure23:16
that the list23:18
doesn't doesn't get kind of spammed too23:20
aggressively there23:21
but you know once you drive that outside23:23
traffic you start collecting some23:24
customer info um23:27
and you do uh kind of an email blast23:29
especially when you're running deals can23:30
be really really powerful uh tool to23:32
help accelerate um accelerate sales23:34
then let's see what else we've got here23:41
all right so23:44
uh can we share some tips to get reviews23:47
okay so um a couple things from a23:50
reviews perspective one is23:52
really just sales velocity um there the23:55
the higher sales volume you're able to23:57
do right the more reviews you're going23:59
to see naturally on your your products24:02
so things like outside traffic can be a24:03
great kind of uh way of boosting that up24:07
um another big piece is where your sales24:09
are coming from so for whatever reason24:12
non-branded customers on amazon leave24:14
reviews at like twice the rate that24:16
brand new customers on amazon do um so24:19
really focusing on driving some24:21
what's called some non-branded traffic24:24
um to your product listings definitely a24:26
great way to ensure that you're gonna24:28
see reviews in the long run24:30
uh another big thing i know we push24:31
content hard here but um24:34
it's very important from a review24:36
perspective is is ensuring that you are24:38
selling a brand and not a commodity24:41
right not just like a one-time purchase24:43
uh there so making sure you actually24:45
take the time to24:46
uh put like about the brand photo for24:49
example and in every kind of listing24:51
that we would set up uh we typically24:53
have at least one photo that's dedicated24:54
to being about the brand right um there24:57
that's important to make sure that these24:58
customers know you know they didn't just25:00
buy some kind of cheap25:02
one-off item right they're actually25:03
buying something that that's quality25:04
there's a brand behind it um there's25:07
also things you can add like a guarantee25:09
there uh to ensure like i'll pop sellers25:13
that will add that right into their25:14
their product photos that usually helps25:16
mitigate negative feedback because25:17
they'll know to kind of reach out to you25:19
guys um accordingly um25:23
see those are most of the25:25
kind of aboveboard techniques there are25:27
some folks that will do some you know25:30
more great stuff like if you have a list25:32
uh there that you've built of like past25:34
customers um or potential customers25:37
there's usually ways that you can kind25:39
of utilize a list to try to help25:40
facilitate some some faster uh review25:42
growth and things like that um there but25:45
honestly having good content having25:47
non-branded traffic and you know25:49
throwing some spikes in sales velocity25:51
from time to time definitely kind of the25:53
best ways to to generate reviews uh you25:55
know i've got one brand here and25:57
one year and ten months we've generated26:01
17 000 reviews on that item right didn't26:03
do anything great um all we did was some26:06
of the stuff that we talked through26:07
today we've got really good content that26:09
helps sell that26:10
and we've got great visibility on amazon26:13
right on non-branded terms and that's26:15
really what enables us to see really26:17
good kind of growth as a whole from a26:19
reviews perspective there26:24
well we're getting uh26:27
getting towards the end of what we26:29
wanted to chat through today any sort of26:32
final questions we have before we26:35
let us go to our next uh26:38
next live chat26:45
all righty well feel free to uh follow26:48
us here on linkedin um you can also find26:50
our our company called straight up26:52
growth it's the ad agency that um i26:55
founded here where we manage about uh26:58
400 million dollars in amazon sales and27:00
do a little bit over you know 40 million27:02
and spend you can always reach out to us27:03
at trader uh if you're ever27:05
interested in learning more um27:09
um okay so i'm gonna answer one more27:15
question here before we go so and asked27:17
a good question any best practices about27:20
the creator portal there um so it's a27:23
little bit early right now there's not a27:25
ton of creators on there so i'll say um27:27
most of them are pretty hungry to27:30
participate um there so just getting27:32
started on it um is definitely a useful27:35
piece the other uh27:38
thing i would recommend is making sure27:40
that you're27:41
targeting your27:43
creators against the27:45
the target interest that you could have27:48
right so it does get pretty granular it27:49
kind of reminds me of like when you're27:51
looking at the category tree for27:53
amazon's back end that's kind of what27:54
they have like a less robust version for27:57
the interest you can choose for your27:59
creator so just you know really think28:01
about like who you want to actually28:04
promote the item there like for your28:06
beauty item and you're28:07
selling to someone who are you're giving28:09
it to a creator that like is in28:11
gardening right like is that always the28:13
best uh best person to promote your item28:15
right so making sure they're in line28:17
with kind of your values there uh i'd28:19
say is something that's that's fruitful28:20
uh and as a whole i'd say28:24
you know besides the creator uh portal28:26
there's other ways to do this too right28:27
there's a number of firms that allow you28:29
to partner directly with influencers28:31
they don't always have to be huge right28:32
in fact we find smaller influencers tend28:35
to work better um you know even getting28:37
down to like a micro influencer level uh28:40
one they're cheaper but two you know28:42
they've got a smaller typically more28:43
targeted audience so um building out28:46
your own kind of influencer network or28:48
looking into at least testing and28:50
getting uh influencing influencers28:53
started on your products is definitely28:55
uh definitely something we definitely28:56
recommend um28:58
alrighty well till next time appreciate29:03
the time today i'm daniel tejada from29:05
straight up growth and have a great day29:12

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