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How to Upgrade Your A+ Content [Webinar]

Adrianna Lugo By Adrianna Lugo | Published on Aug 10, 2022 | 4 min read
Want to learn how to easily upgrade your A+ Content?

Learn from Amazon experts Daniel Tejada and Daniela Bolzmann below! 

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all right I am Daniela the founder of mindful Goods where we do Amazon 0:05
optimization meaning we do listings storefronts and basically any type of 0:10
creative content for Amazon brands how about you I I'm Daniel or DT uh  0:18
run a growth Amazon agency called straight up growth uh and really focus 0:23
on Amazon PPC is a big bear and butter for us we'll spend like 40 million here but 0:30
it doesn't matter how much your PPC is if you don't have good content so excited to do this call today 0:36
yeah we're gonna break it down um the the fun thing that I like to mention to most brands when we first 0:43
engage is that there's two big fundamental pieces that we need to be thinking about when we think about Amazon and one is your foundational 0:50
setup your content your listing your SEO getting everything where it needs to be for conversion to be ready for you to 0:56
turn on traffic which is where Daniel's team would come in right and so 80 of that legwork can be done up front the1:03
rest is kind of you know testing over time improving refreshing you know1:08
really fine-tuning all those little things but you can do such a heavy lift in the beginning and you can do such a1:13
heavy lift even if you're an experienced seller that has been selling for years and now you see your competitors1:19
entering the marketplace and you want to step up your game absolutely yeah I I always use the uh1:26
the phrase conversion rate is king um at the end of the day you know as good as your advertising is going to be1:31
if people don't convert against the listings that they're being shown uh you know it doesn't really matter right so1:38
setting that base down I think is definitely super super important um I think you also called out something1:44
else that's super interesting like established Brands can also still improve their content right I've worked1:49
with Brands where you know they're a top seller in a category but they're not using text of their product photos right1:55
they're missing out on a huge opportunity and in fact I would say more established sellers you can see a2:01
quicker return by making those little tweaks because you already have traffic right you already have folks that2:07
convert against your listing or conversion optimization allows you to do is multiply that conversion rate right2:13
like uh I know we're gonna talk about uh an interesting case study you have with2:18
why uh one percent Improvement in conversion rate did for uh back2:24
yeah I'll also share uh one of my favorite ones that I always like to talk about on calls like this actually an2:29
established seller since we're on on that track um actually two really great established sellers but one in the food2:35
category um yes bar they were already selling really well but they were in a position2:40
like many Brands during covert where they're realizing a lot of new entry into the market snack bars are already a2:46
competitive place to be and they realize that they had just been on autopilot for2:52
a while and they were ready to kind of level up their content on Amazon and make sure that it was2:57
um kind of staying true to their brand across their other social channels their website making sure everything kind of3:02
spoke one language look tone feel and one thing that we did with them even though we did the listings head to toe3:09
we said let's just isolate the main image let's not update anything else and3:14
within just a couple weeks they had an improvement and click-through rate of 11.8 so that's huge imagine a larger3:21
portfolio of products right we had another actually just recently established seller3:28
um in his category um in you know I actually don't even3:33
water accessories water sports accessories I don't know what you'd call it anyways3:39
um we did a main image test on his product and that one wrapped up after a 10-week Amazon experiment and Amazon3:45
projected best case scenario they will see 140 130k in additional incremental3:51
Revenue just off of one product multiple variations within that product but one product and they have a huge catalog so3:58
imagine what we're going to do when we tap into the rest of that catalog not too shabby for sure4:03
one image change no I think it's it's nuts especially for the established4:09
Brands like just content or I call it conversion optimization um they're like making some of those4:15
efforts can make such a big big change um and then especially if you're net new like like you mentioned I think Amazon4:21
is super competitive now for most categories it's not like the uh the4:26
Glory Days when I first started in 2016 where there wasn't a lot of competition so most of your competitors already have4:33
reviews right they've already got established rankings and things like that so you are playing offense to try4:39
to catch up against their market share and so for for new brands especially like having great content to be able to4:45
talk through why you know customers should choose your item even though you don't have as many reviews as everyone4:51
else right it's super super cool right um so excited to chat through some uh some strategies that uh that you're4:57
using on your enter yeah and when you think about customers um specifically I think we've all been5:03
kind of primed right like we're all it's kind of like what Apple did to our Our5:08
Generation like they just kind of made it the expectation that things are5:15
what they are in terms of usability in terms of Beauty in terms of functionality like your product better5:20
work your product better look good online your product better like want me want to entice me to buy this product5:26
right and I think so much of that comes through in visual content especially5:31
when you're talking about e-commerce in general yeah and the visual content really5:36
brings me to uh a good point here one of the things that I don't think a lot of sellers think about is up to 805:43
of searches on Amazon start on mobile right um and on mobile you're looking at a much different experience than desktop5:50
right on on desktop you get the advantages of your bullet points showing up you know top of top of page right5:57
when they get to a product detail page view uh so you can push through your unique selling points there the downside6:03
is where most of search is actually happening is on mobile your bullet points are pushed so far you know below6:09
the fold there really your buyers are purchasing off of your title your reviews your price point and then images6:15
in a plus content right so having really strong you know focuses on both of those I think is super essential for that6:22
mobile Shopper uh and then today I know we're gonna you know hyper down uh or hyper focus on some a plus content piece6:29
I think that's an area that a lot of sellers one don't even utilize uh and they should because it's it's free it's6:35
looks super great on mobile uh but two we're going to talk about how you can use it strategically in a whole bunch of6:40
different ways um there and really open up your eyes on what you know capabilities you actually have uh on the a plus side of things6:49
yeah we're gonna show you some visual examples of exactly how we how we build our a plus content for clients and how6:55
we stop the scroll um let's start with you know talking about7:01
with a plus content there Daniela like how simple is it to work on on7:06
optimizing why when you're looking at account like what are you looking at for for a brand for your okay A Plus7:12
I mean typically what we're seeing right now is outdated a plus so a plus that7:17
looks like someone went in and just clicked on random modules and then copy pasted7:23
stuff from their website right and so what happens when you do that is it's not a very intentional looking piece and7:32
and it's just a bunch of text Heavy blocks all over the page and so you have7:37
to put yourself in the perspective of a potential customer right if you're shopping for a product you don't want to7:43
be overloaded with text our brain is consuming and making decisions ninety percent of the time based on visuals not7:50
on text so what we need to be doing is thinking about simplifying making things very easy to digest whether you're on7:59
desktop and especially if you're on mobile right so we need to be leading with mobile always and so that's the first thing that I'm typically seeing8:06
and if I'm not seeing that I'm usually seeing no a plus and so usually not having a plus can really just be a8:12
symptom of maybe the brand wasn't ready and they didn't have a trademark or they just set set and forget and they they8:18
we're gonna set it up and then they forgotten they never came back to it yeah8:23
that's what we hear day in and day out you know never got around to it it's it's it's not that it's so hard and I'm8:30
actually going to show you a really simple way to do it instead of I think what complicates it is when you go in to8:35
set it up inside of Amazon and your Seller Central dashboard there's all of these different options of the types of8:41
templates which they call modules that you can use right so when you see that you see all these pictures of dogs in8:48
the inside of each module to show you what it's actually going to look like except your content doesn't actually look like that so it's really hard for8:55
your brain if you're not a creative or a designer to understand what am I supposed to do with this right it's like9:01
building a puzzle and really it shouldn't be building a puzzle and you shouldn't be doing that first you should be thinking through what are the top9:08
three to five things that my customer needs to know in order to buy this product is does it need more education9:13
does it need to show them how easy it is to use does it need to answer a few questions like what is it what are they9:19
the barriers to buying what are the things that are going to entice them and what are the things that are just going to make them go yes I need yes I need9:25
this right so if you can start there with your content and just think through those value props first9:31
that's going to help you understand okay with this value prop how do we show this9:36
visually in an enticing way right um with these badges that build trust9:41
because we know we want to say that it's vegan or it's non-GMO like what do we want to show with that you know like is9:48
it a flat lay is it you know what are the things that are going to happen around this specific image and if you9:53
can think of it that way almost as if you were building a landing page that's the way that we build content at mindful9:58
Goods we're building into big banners that stack on top of each other that10:04
create this like landing page like effect so that when a shopper10:09
they see these big blocks of content they're like oh wait what is this right that's what we want we want we want them10:15
to stop and just digest a couple more things so we can get them to buy no I love it I think there's like two10:22
really big points I love like we use the acronym kiss like keep it simple stupid when we're thinking of your content10:29
right because it's like one of the things I hate is you look at like a you know great image and it's filled with10:35
like all of this decks right um and I think what you really nail down like we call them USPS or like unique selling10:41
points you're calling them value props there like each part it's almost like a little Lego right and everyone needs its10:48
own sort of purpose or goal it shouldn't be let's try and tell the whole story in every single module but it should be10:53
very purposeful on what you're doing exactly why you're doing it um there exactly it's not as as complex as as11:01
people think and I think the uh yeah it's overwhelming when you go into uh the a plus module for the first time and11:07
you're not really sure what it can look like but um I think when you really break down try to figure out what am I trying what11:15
is the purpose of this image right everything should have a purpose or a goal everything has a function11:20
absolutely absolutely I say that a lot too and and really if you get11:26
overwhelmed by this kind of stuff one trick to think about is that like your product image is a six image but it's really five that are allowed to have you11:32
know infographic or text on the top so five images there and then you can have up to seven of these modules we usually11:38
say six because seven you're going to use for your comparison grid anyways so six modules or banners that you're gonna11:44
have in your a plus content and maybe even one of those gonna be an SEO module so it wouldn't even necessarily be one of the banners so let's just say five11:51
now so you have five square images and five banners that you have to think through what are the top 10 most11:56
important things and some of the those things are okay to repeat if they're so so important and someone doesn't see it12:02
in the product images and you need to repeat it because you don't want them to miss it because you know that's the thing that's going to get them by put it12:09
in twice yeah totally fine absolutely yeah now there's there's nothing wrong with uh repeating the12:15
point and uh even for us like one of the things I I tell Brands like even when they already have good content is do a12:23
little audit on how that compares to like your ad search term level data right like there might be you know like12:29
you use energy bars it's a great great example right protein bars is one of the most competitive categories on Amazon12:36
um being able to go down to your search term level data and find like oh vegan protein bars actually convert really12:42
well on maybe that's where I should focus my attention right and then you can then make some adjustments and throw12:47
vegan you know like a vegan Focus product image and I might even do it for a plus two just to like max out my12:54
conversion rate if I find that as an opportunity yeah I'll give you a great example of that12:59
exact scenario okay but it's yes bar specifically when we did their main image we were looking at their search13:06
term data and we knew that that was one of the Search terms that worked well for them we knew that they told us13:11
themselves that a lot of their Shoppers specifically love them because the vegan Community loves this product because of13:17
how clean it is right but when you looked at the main image you couldn't see anything that told you it was vegan13:23
and and more so you couldn't even read anything on the packaging because the photo of13:28
the packaging itself was high-res but it was like came out like pixelated at some13:34
point yeah somehow it got pixelated during the upload or or once it you know13:39
sometimes photos aren't the best representation and so what we did is in post edit we were able to just render13:45
the actual box um the label on top of the actual box recreate the whole thing so it looked13:51
really like crisp and real and High Fidelity and um and the whole thing with13:57
renders on Amazon by the way people like to say oh renders are not allowed the whole thing about anything on Amazon14:03
content-wise is are you manipulating the buying experience or are you aiding The Shopper14:09
if you're aiding the customer and helping make the experience better on Amazon that's what Amazon wants Amazon14:15
wants more sales at the end of the day they don't want you to trick Shoppers so that's where you need to play right so14:20
that's kind of the rule of thumb I actually learned that from one of my peers in my Amazon Mastermind group and14:25
I love that that thought process because that's what Amazon wants right so14:31
um I think that's a great lens to look through but in terms of this specific product what we did is we enhanced the14:36
the copy on the actual package packaging so you saw six pack so you saw vegan was14:42
the biggest thing you could see and then the rest of the of the things right underneath it was like maybe calories or14:47
things like that but we knew that we had to drive those home and we knew that specifically people shopping for this product not all of the products that14:54
they sell are vegan so we knew that the ones that were vegan we really had to make sure we enhanced that so that if15:00
you were to see multiple results on that search page you already knew for the most part if you were if you already15:05
knew this product you knew you were buying yes bar you just want to get to the vegan one so you can buy it right you don't want to sit there searching15:11
through all the listings and checking the titles and all of that you just want to visually see it with your eyes click15:16
on it buy it right and that's I think what what made such a difference is those types of little key insights if15:23
you know those about your product and and know your customer share that with your creative people so they can make15:29
sure they enhance your images in that way 100 I think you you nailed it I've done15:34
that kind of trick with a couple clients where I've had them make like certain call-outs even on their packaging just15:41
like superimpose that text and make it there because at the end of the day uh you're right Amazon is looking to sell15:47
more products but they want to sell relevant items like customers like two two customers who like what they're15:53
getting they're not returning it and so uh when you're making a tweak like that uh with the intention of trying to16:00
better serve that customer versus trying to trick that customer I think Becky called out uh make big difference and16:06
definitely not usually the type of thing Amazon's going to uh be upset about for for you guys for sure16:13
definitely um awesome I have a question for you16:18
actually Daniel how often have you seen after content is deployed let's say like16:25
like what happens with advertising for the most part does like if you see ad spend going down16:30
um do you see conversion going up do you see a combination of both like yeah great question does it says matter spend16:37
it shouldn't technically impact right um now it can correlate with an increased16:43
spend and and really what happens is listing optimization directly impacts your uh conversion rate both on the16:50
overall front and especially on the ads front there so if you let's say do a listing optimization proves your ad16:56
conversion rate two percent on you know across the board right um now Amazon's gonna find you slightly17:03
more relevant on every single one of those Search terms that you are going after um your organic visibility is highly17:09
highly dependent on Amazon clicks on a search term at a child decent level you know orders on the search term at a17:15
child a level and ultimately your product's conversion rate against that search term at that child basic level so17:21
if you are able to do a good job on improving your your conversion rate due to content optimization against an17:28
individual search term now it's more likely that you can drive better organic positioning and typically with better17:34
organic positioning comes a higher relevancy score the higher the relevancy is to a search term the more likely it17:41
is that Amazon actually shows your advertisement over a competitor because again you want to show the most relevant17:47
kind of experience ever right it's a lot of times more more efficiency with your17:52
ad spend exactly right which is it's more efficiency because conversion rate ultimately is what's going to drive17:58
things for you right um and if you're converting higher now Amazon wants to show your ad more18:03
frequently and that's that's the big kind of goal there right like if you ever look at search results almost18:09
always the first three rows organically are also tend to be the first you know18:14
three app placements that you see right it's not an accident that that happens there's direct correlation there because18:19
Amazon's so performance driven for for SEO these days on rankings but that's18:25
what makes the conversion optimization so essential right like you know if I'm trying to rank on pre-workout and my18:33
conversion rate is below you know eight percent doesn't matter how much I spend I'm not gonna be able to rank there but18:39
if I can optimize my listing get my conversion rate up to like 12 14 uh18:45
whole pre-workout actually you can go up to the 20s and 30s but uh on operated traffic which is like but that little18:51
tweak just makes your ad spend that much more efficient it helps you rank organically so much better at the end of18:56
the day you know ad costs on Amazon have not while they accelerate 37 last year19:02
they haven't peaked right like transparently it's still fairly cheap we19:07
talk about supplements it's a whole different category but uh other than that like most cpcs are still relatively19:13
low um in the grand scheme of things so your acos will continue to go up over time as cpcs increase right so add19:21
efficiency you know with things like conversion optimization improving your organic visibility just that much more19:27
important in the long run to to make Amazon a profitable kind of channel for you guys so uh yeah those ad costs will19:34
keep increasing for sure I've seen it on other platforms and Amazon is will19:40
continue to grow really double and that ad spend almost every single year since I've started so don't slow down anytime19:47
soon what's interesting is that I've I've had heard people say recently that you can't19:55
sell on Amazon without launching with ads you can't sell like you can't be successful on Amazon without ads anymore20:01
and I used I tend to like generally agree with that for the most part but20:07
there's definitely outliers like we've had a client recently that came to us in again in the food category and20:15
went live zero ad spend and month over month was like tripling sales without20:20
really doing much and there's something to be said for that like like they took20:26
their time they set up their listings right they really wanted to make sure that they understood Their audience they were20:32
very data driven when they were developing the product so they're they're just like hitting the right product at the right time and the right20:38
Niche with not a lot of competition and so that that does happen it's harder to find those types of things but it does20:45
happen and now I I think their growth is only going to accelerate once they do start turning on ads and do start20:51
exploring those channels yeah and one thing I would definitely add to that too is like uh it sounds to20:58
me like a brand like that probably has probably some good branded volume right and a lot of that is gets driven they21:04
didn't oh no it didn't okay they were like net new everything that's awesome21:10
and and just you know not I mean I'm not saying they came out gangbusters and had crazy sales yeah but it is it is always21:18
surprising to see sales just come out of nowhere right out the gate not a whole lot of boosting involved not a whole lot21:25
of like effort involved and they're just you know seeing it's got to be so21:30
validating for a brand owner especially a small mom and pop which is really what they are they're small brand builders they came from large cpg and branched21:37
out on their own and wanted to start a business because they spent their careers working in the industry and then21:43
they put you know their data their their collaborative minds and built and21:48
created this product and wanted to launch it on Amazon to see if they could start a business and it validated almost21:55
immediately like that's got to be such a good feeling they come right when you do that uh for22:00
sure right feels good gotta feel good but I'm sure having some on point22:05
content also helps with that too right if you are getting traffic even if it's a little bit of traffic right giving22:11
yourself the best chance of conversion is ultimately going to be key too uh to being able to grow even if it's a slow22:17
growth kind of model right you still need to make sure that your content's on point to uh to be able to grow in the22:22
first place absolutely totally agree should we maybe jump into22:28
some content examples to give some some folks some ideas on yeah what the bar22:34
looks like here yeah let's see some some fun examples that we've created for other clients and22:40
then I'll actually share can you see my screen right now yep I can see so what I want to do is kind of show everybody the22:47
the the you know zoomed out version right so you can see like22:52
what I mean by landing page effect is that you're stacking these big banners one on top of the next22:58
and then once you zoom in like let's say this is what it looks like on mobile something maybe like this you want to23:04
make sure that everything's really legible that you're starting with these like USPS like we talked about unique23:10
selling proposition we have a logo and really you're hitting one thing on each23:15
image maybe two you know like you just want to hit home on like the main thing23:20
that you're trying to say every image has one function one selling point one one purpose right so what we're doing is23:28
kind of using these alternating colors using these mobile friendly texts using close-ups of the images using flat lays23:35
using all kinds of really compelling on Trend imagery to stop the scroll and get23:41
the Shoppers attention let's look at another example here um this one we actually launched with um23:47
cartograph and uh became a number one new release so this was a fun one that we worked on23:54
um yeah for David Chang's new cpg line um this is his chili crunch but you can24:00
see just big bold text big bold Graphics alternating colors24:06
um but each piece is kind of just hitting home with like look again the close-up of the chili product in use24:12
David Chang if you have a David Chang in your company it helps yeah if if you have an24:19
award-winning Chef that has his own Netflix show then uh yeah go for it24:24
and then um so this is the yes bar example I don't have the main image example that we've been talking about uh24:30
but then Danielle will you go up for a second I want to just break something down on this one yeah two or one24:39
um like the layout on the banner styles that you've done like that to me is the24:45
best easiest way to outline these things right Amazon's got all these modules in the back end and I think it's super24:51
totally understand like this like you're using what one module plus one module24:57
one module well actually technically at the end of the day it's three but you don't see the other two on here because25:03
what I like to preach is that if you can just think about the five banners like25:08
one module and I don't even know the name of the module but it's just it's the biggest Banner with one dog in the middle and it25:14
has a little bit of text but we don't use the text feature right so if you just grab that five times you're just25:20
thinking in your brain of five banners like you would think of what does my website look like in terms of a landing25:25
page flow right and then beyond that the other two modules are most likely an SEO module25:32
which we usually choose um there's two options for that there's either three images going across with text underneath25:37
each one or four Images going across with text underneath each one which are generally great modules for showing25:44
step one two three four or benefit one two three four or thinking through the25:50
really easy low-hanging fruit of like what are the one two three fours or one two threes of our brand that we can show25:57
the three years you've already figured those out on your bullet points for your product photos by the time you even got26:03
to your a plus most likely right right or if there's a challenging item like26:08
um like for instance if you use uh other other reviews like competitor data right26:16
um I'll use an example of like tushy the bidet brand um they if you look at all the26:21
competitors in the marketplace they already had thousands tens of thousands of reviews on their products before tushy entered the marketplace the number26:28
one if you scroll down look at the reviews and look at the the word clouds and click on the word clouds to see how26:34
many customers mentioned this word in all the reviews the number one word cloud across all the reviews was words26:39
that had to do with ease of use and setting it up um in your house right so they knew26:45
going into the market that was the number one question that people had about the days how the heck do I get this thing on my toilet is it going to26:50
be a pain in the butt do I need to have someone install it blah blah blah so what do they do they dedicate one whole a plus content Banner to show one two26:58
three four one two three four and it's on your toilet and you have a happy butt you know and they use humor in their27:04
copy and it's a really great example I highly recommend checking out that one um so that's five banners SEO module and27:11
then the last one we leave for the comparison grid which we anchor at the bottom which is essentially you just27:17
cross selling your other products if you have other products if not use another Banner27:23
I I love the input and uh I also highly highly recommend the um27:30
that how to use because that can help mitigate negative feedback and so27:35
especially if you're a brand that like sells a high quality product but it's a little complicated to use like it's one27:41
of the things I stress super hard uh and even if you're a product that does review well uh already but you know27:47
there's some like like a ping pong brand for example or like a table tennis brand or like we have a how to use right27:53
doesn't seem like you would need to know how to just like you know Screw something into uh your27:58
table it's not very complicated but adding something like that makes such a big difference for negative for right28:04
getting negative feedback and also just considering like you should be selling a brand not a28:10
commodity right not like the single purchase item and so being able to provide you know that28:16
instructionary uh information like in in your photos not only is it gonna like28:21
help negate negative feedback but it also helps bring back buyers right because there might be folks that maybe28:27
they didn't want to leave you a negative review but they tried it didn't work and so now they're gonna they're not gonna28:32
trust that brand down the line right but if it was really a how to use issue and28:38
not an actual product issue that you want to try to mitigate that as much as possible so I think that's one of the lowest hanging fruits28:45
um and then totally brings me to like the the cross promotion module I think that's one of28:50
the other big pieces like if you're selling a brand you should talk about the fact that you have other items there28:55
right like this absolutely introductory item but I've got Brands where I only advertise29:01
2 out of 50 items in the catalog right and those are my new customer acquisition items but because we're29:07
doing cross promotion on you know things like those modules that you mentioned those other items grow over time as well29:13
as you know my new customer acquisition items grow so definitely don't be afraid to to drive things29:19
um and are you guys utilizing virtual bundles as well I love virtual bundles29:24
um I love looking at them on the screen because they take up so much real estate29:30
and by the way that's why I recommend use all your seven modules in this a plus content if Amazon is giving you a29:37
pixel of space use the pixel of space to your advantage use everything they're29:42
giving you for free yeah exactly and like virtual bundles like great free29:47
option there Amazon will pick and cash but also from an ads perspective now29:53
their ads get pushed further away from your page right like I love to Conquest oh I love that so like a defense30:01
mechanism look at you yes the big dollars uh I love it it's low30:07
hanging fruit just on that alone right like now uh all those uh what's it30:13
called like the ace and targeting campaigns and the you know sponsored products related to these item now it's pushed super far below uh virtual30:20
bundles actually goes above uh the ads themselves so a little Pro tip there it's definitely helpful30:26
fantastic fantastic yeah I I think that things like that are so strategic another one that we push is like if you30:33
have video content I think people are afraid to put their video content on Amazon because there are guidelines30:38
right you just need to edit and take out any any anything that's leading to your website or anything that's like not high30:43
quality or whatever like obviously that stuff is not going to pass but generally speaking you don't need high production value video you could be taking a video30:50
like this that we're shooting right now and take clips of it and make it video shorts on your product pages so that30:57
your competitors videos don't show up below the fold right so it's like thinking through all of those little31:03
tiny levers that Amazon is giving you for free to basically defend your your31:08
product pages away from all these distractions of ads that your competitors are going to be doing on31:14
your pages oh yeah now and then all right since we're on the vein of like three little tweaks Amazon posts like31:21
one of the easiest things you can do and you get free Impressions on mobile on31:26
your competitors right and all you have to do is just like do the same type of post that you're probably already doing for social right just incorporate that31:33
into right and it's even easier because there's really no like there's not a whole lot of fancy features or anything31:38
it's just like post yeah they'll just posts and this will show up on other people's pages31:44
yeah and your videos your video shorts show up on other people's Pages too I saw that and I saw they're doing some31:49
weird changes on like moving that in places it's been interesting so you can have custom covers so like all six31:56
videos that you upload like imagine if they each had a cover like this one two three four and then you had almost a32:02
story going all the way across right we did something like that with yes bar you can take a look at their page it's it's32:08
pretty awesome and and we did it with just repurposing content that they already had right we're not trying to32:13
reinvent the wheel obviously there's really simple content you can put out that just like start with a hook add two32:19
or three benefits to your video and and show some some kind of uh visually enticing Graphics that are moving across32:25
the screen animations right super simple you can build this stuff in canva but if you already have influencer videos if32:32
you already have content that you guys have shot for your company think through taking little 15 second clips 20 second32:39
Clips out of cover add some keywords to your description upload it call it a day you you know just so that you can at32:45
least at the very least defend your listing um what's the other thing I was going to32:51
say so the other the other actual um number one piece of content that32:57
performs on Amazon this is actually done in a study and I remember who did the study but then we did a secondary study33:03
with pick food just to validate it the number one um image that Shoppers uh look for or or33:10
that convert Shoppers with Ecom is product in use so if you can show the33:15
product very similar to like to like this showing how it's going to look on your food or how it's going to look when you're eating it like David you're going33:22
to look so happy um eating your your you know chili on your on your little bonmin taco thing33:28
here right like you want to show your product and use at the gym if it's a gym product you want to show like how have33:35
people identify with how this product is going to transform their life their body their soul their whatever it is uh you33:44
want them to identify with that so showing the person showing the place showing the food showing them whatever it is that's product in use and it's33:51
shown to be the number one effective image and the second image that I love thinking about Is Us Versus Them images33:57
just because I think they're so powerful for Amazon specifically you're in this sea of competitors right so34:05
anything you can do to show here's what we stand for and here's all the rest that is so powerful on Amazon34:14
yeah I love those comparison modules especially if like you have uh call like product defense differentiators right34:21
sometimes it's hard sometimes you don't have that much and so there's other kind of things you can kind of build into it34:26
but like if you really do have a key distinction like there's no reason not to be leveraging some of those you know34:32
us first right of images there I think yes bar we I don't remember if we did a34:38
uh US versus them or maybe a testimonial image in the product images but if you look at their a plus content breakdown34:44
if I walk you through the function of first image USP right like we're introducing you to like what makes us34:50
unique the second piece is uh very uh to build social proof and Trust through34:55
media mentions and testimonials um they were super lucky to have like Cindy Crawford as a testimonial but you35:02
don't have to have that right the third piece is like always sell your brand story and your brand story is great if35:09
you're the face you have to be that your story can be what you stand for as a company your35:15
Brand Story can be the values that you have and and the quality that you stand for and so I think people35:22
um get afraid to show that it's obviously better if you can show yourself it always lends itself to35:28
um building trust right like we've had people send our clients messages saying like oh I I heard your story that your35:34
two sisters that started this company and you donate you give back to animal welfare and I love that so I support your product and I'm like your number35:40
one fan right like that kind of stuff Rings true even on Amazon and anything you can do on Amazon to show that you're35:47
that you're you're the the the shop local of Amazon you're the the brand Builder you're the35:54
real human being that could be someone's next door neighbor you're not just some big Nestle coming in and you know just36:00
trying to sell a thousand sugar bars on Amazon you're the real deal person36:07
um that's what people want to see in today's marketplaces right yeah no and I36:12
think the the Brand Story like you know like I was saying earlier on uh36:17
selling an item versus selling selling commodity for selling a brand right like36:22
Amazon acquisition is going to get more and more expensive we need to drive more and more of a brand36:28
um there because like that's why they'll come back and buy everything right that's why when they introduce an item is they're like I stick with this brand36:34
like yes the product is something the customer is looking for but you can get a lot of buy-in just off off brand Alone36:41
um for sure right right so here's another example36:47
again landing page effect who are we identifying with parents and36:52
kids so we want to show as many kids as possible on every image we want to show Happy Kids hungry kids kids and moms you37:00
know like that's what we're showing we're showing their backpacks because they're going to be using this in school we're showing them playing in the yard37:06
and they got it in their hands you know like this is really what we want to convey I love it right throughout the37:12
whole the whole thing and if you just look at it at a glance you get that like right away so we're talking about how37:18
it's fun and easy it's a apparent Trifecta because the kids love it the parents love it and it's convenient37:23
we're talking about how it's healthy you know it's naturally delicious look again these like happy kids37:29
um and we're not like repeating the same kids but we have just like lots of37:34
different shots of kids throughout but then we're also incorporating their colors close-up shots of the product37:41
um one thing specifically for this brand that was kind of interesting is uh what's popular in the marketplace today37:46
is like gummies right like we all know that kids love like gummy snacks it's not so great for their teeth but this is37:52
actually like a freeze-dried crunchy snack so um it it actually uses a lot of the same38:00
keywords as a gummy without it being a gummy like fruit snack you would usually search for a fruit snack gummy but this38:07
isn't a fruit snack gummy it's just a fruit snack right so we really clearly from the main image had to show parents38:14
that it's crunchy that it's hard that it's not a gummy because the last thing you want is to launch a product and then38:20
get negative reviews that they thought they were buying a gummy and they got something hard right so that had to be38:27
like front and center exactly so that's like what we did in the product images of really fine-tuned38:34
like the language to show people crunch to show people close-ups of the of the actual pieces and make sure that you saw38:40
that from search um let's look at this one here38:46
super coffee yeah again like look at like a whole Banner dedicated to your brand right38:53
like normally I wouldn't recommend this for a brand that's not well known but for a super coffee awareness yeah yeah yeah and so because39:01
it's a lot of real estate like if you're a smaller brand you want to use this real estate to your advantage if you're a dominator in your category go for it39:09
so clean infographic clean call out39:14
mobile friendly all the way down badges to build trust product in use39:20
um and then a actual like custom comparison and I think I have more distinction here too is like39:26
while all of these are different products different stories different brands right it's it's almost the same39:31
formula you're just plugging in different content right um and this would be you know if you're a brand with multiply those within your39:38
catalog or you sell different types of Brands like none of these are necessarily that uh like the the the39:45
feel is all the same right it's things like colors you know images what your39:51
USPS are that changes mobile friendly texts yeah like it's formulaic right39:56
that's the thing that's nice about this is it's not uh it's up super complicated right it's something that you know brand40:02
can do on their own or with the right partner exactly um there but it doesn't have to be a huge Endeavor to get these40:09
things done right like they could be done exactly as long as you've got a couple assets to get things going and40:14
you understand what your brand is right or the product you're selling um exactly exactly and I think it like40:22
again it comes down to like not getting confused with the modules that Amazon's giving you and thinking through40:27
your core USPS from the get-go nailing those and40:33
once you nail those it's easier to think about the creative it's easier to to build beyond that and if you're stuck go40:39
and look at what the top five sellers are doing in your category and write down like this isn't Us Versus Them40:45
image this is an image that talks about benefits this is an image that talks about what our customer is going to feel40:51
the transformation um this is the this is the image that talks about how to use the product this40:56
is the image that you know what I mean and if you do that with like the top five to ten ten brands in your specific category you're going to see41:03
similarities you're going to see oh wow in the top 10. yeah five of them are using three of the41:10
same types of Graphics we need to make sure that we set up those three graphics and then the other two we can kind of41:16
have fun with and customize those to our brand right um this is one that is actually yeah this41:24
is an old version this is actually my brand um this is an old uh it actually looks41:31
way better than this is the old version um this is a fun one right you can divide up the images across two even41:38
three if you wanted to if you had a long imagine if this was41:43
um one pan going this way another pan going this way and another pan going this way and you only had these huge41:51
flat lay banners of these pans going all the way down the page that is something you could do41:56
if you didn't have media mentions like they did if you didn't have other things that that you needed to talk about like42:04
this could be something that's super compelling that you just drop these like these USPS right on top of the image and42:11
you could have gone all the way down the page like this here's another one42:17
this is what I mean by like uh like your customer wants to identify with the42:22
product right so your customer wants to see themselves when they're looking at this they want to see themselves hiking they want to see themselves doing their42:29
water sports they want to see themselves um in in the images right and if they can see themselves they're like oh42:34
that's perfect we need we're just gonna we might be on the water we need to get this you know or we're about to go42:39
hiking and this would be perfect for when we go rafting you know or you know we're gonna do a camping trip this might42:45
come in handy someday so just showing you know showing your product in you so42:50
that people can identify with it um again an old piece of content42:56
um let's see what else we have here yeah again not rocket science but you43:02
can see how all of these are using the same formula strong unit formula alternating totally different message right like and they're it's written43:09
towards that customer that they want to be talking to right I think that's43:15
that's the key there right it's like the monitoring part one right like getting that template is like the first half the43:21
second half is understanding what you're selling you know against your market and things like that to build content that43:27
that makes sense right so there's definitely some critical thinking pieces that I think are important for the brands to know like Danielle is making43:33
this look super easy uh there can be but there's a little bit more to it43:39
um on that front there uh but yeah this is like so so helpful43:44
um across the board I think one last thing we should chat about um is measuring the impact43:51
um oh my gosh stories there uh but yeah I think uh you43:58
know if you're if you're a seller or you know kind of a brand there uh one thing to look at is like the manage experiment44:04
section in the back end of Seller Central uh it's great new kind of feature I don't think many people use it44:10
as much as they can uh but basically it allows you to test individual changes to44:16
listing content right so like Daniela when she spoke through that uh story of44:21
changing the main image with Amazon's experience to have you can literally directly44:26
AV tests right and Amazon will evenly Pace out you know image a versus image B44:32
right and tell you what you know the the potential likelihood is from an increase from sales uh it can you know kind of44:39
give you even a percentage on what that probability looks like so sometimes you might make a change and there's not a big you know kind of uh uh kind of lift44:48
but that's okay right now you have actual data behind it um and it'll flight it appropriately44:53
um yeah do you know what what else specifically you can test on there I know there's quite a few things yeah so it's it's titles main images and a plus45:01
content and the way that I break it down is there's really two ways to test off of Amazon and on Amazon off of Amazon45:07
you can pre-validate your content really we use this for main images with something like pick Foo can cost you a45:13
hundred dollars maybe 300 Max you can pull 50 Amazon Shoppers in your category45:19
if you wanted to and you can ask them which image would you would you click on to buy this product which image would you most likely uh help by would help45:26
you buy this product right and that right there is going to give you quantitative and qualitative data it's going to help you understand what are45:32
the what are the other things that maybe you missed out on this image that you didn't think about yes bars example was45:37
a great example of that right we wouldn't have known that people were wondering if the bar was vegan if we hadn't have done that that split test45:43
right so so it's funny that you're like creeping up on the screen right now45:50
oh man you45:57
um okay so that's the first one pre-validation with pick food for your main images and then secondarily manage46:02
your uh minute what is it manage your experiments on Amazon totally free46:07
but the downside is you have to wait Amazon is recommending eight to ten weeks you can do a four week test we46:14
recommend an eight to ten weeks um but the way that you can Tee It Up is that you can do all three tests46:20
throughout the year so just set one forget about it come back check on it when it ends and look at the data that46:27
Amazon is giving you because they're going to tell you very concretely this image one by XML percent and they give46:33
you the projections of what they anticipate you are going to sell because of this image change they're gonna say46:39
this image one if you keep this image and you delete the other image you can46:44
expect on average this amount of Revenue and in a best case scenario even this46:49
amount of Revenue so that right there is Amazon telling you that your image worked or didn't work and this has46:55
worked for us with even the tiniest little brands that they basically have like no traffic and to the largest47:01
brands that um that are top sellers in their category we've seen um suggestions from Amazon of an47:08
increase of like I think it was like two thousand dollars um that that a brand was gonna get back47:13
over the course of a year and then we've seen some that are projecting over 130 140 000 from one product from one image47:20
change so this is the kind of gains that you can expect to see when you're getting granular with your content and it's47:27
something that you should always be testing like get the 80 done get it done right and then also set yourself up for47:34
success by constantly testing these three elements that Amazon is giving you this data for47:40
yeah no I think that's huge I like the the 80 there rule I think is is huge I think establishing that Baseline is47:46
super important but you know Amazon's giving us the tools to actually improve upon that right we don't have to just47:52
like guesstimate guesstimate anymore like Amazon is actually giving you like the chance to do a proper a B test right47:58
using their their system and then you know as a general pro tip there I'd say the more really sessions or traffic you48:05
have right the more accurate or that they even higher degree of confidence Amazon's going to have in the success of48:10
that change as well right so um right your bigger account like that's why you know we push the video It's called48:16
like don't forget about optimizing the content just because you're doing well right um does it mean that your content48:21
is as good as it can be right a little tweak when you're wrong exactly can be that hundred thousand dollar change you48:27
know this is that's exactly what happened with this one client they're already a top seller in their category this one change on this one product is48:35
going to increase their revenue 130k possibly yep on one product and they48:40
have a huge catalog imagine if they started applying these changes across our entire catalog we're talking about million dollar differences48:47
you know not bad it adds up my way48:52
yeah oh man yeah well this has been super awesome um here I feel like we can know about48:58
this all day long but uh I'm sure people will will get bored eventually so uh why49:04
do you tell people how they can get in touch with you oh man if you want49:09
um basically our training on how to do content in three steps the way that we49:15
deploy content um we have an awesome free training at launchreadylistings.com49:20
and then if you want to reach out to us you can head to mindfulgoods.com49:27
awesome yeah we'll throw some links uh in this post as well and then I'm DT from straight up growth you can49:34
find us at straight or uh reach out to me on LinkedIn uh chat49:39
about uh what we do on free audit we'll tear your account up let's take a look

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