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Baby Food | Amazon Content Showdown

Daniel Tejada By Daniel Tejada | Published on Jan 29, 2024 | 5 min read
In this video we compare the content of 4 baby brands on Amazon and tear that content up!

We got Plum Organics vs Beech-Nut Nutrition Company vs Happy Baby vs Serenity Kids as they fight for the title of the world baby food content champion!! 🏆

Who is our champion? I will give you a hint it is the brand that uses....
A+ premium content
Fully Optimized Title
Fully Optimized Bullet Points
Thoughtful USPs on all of their image stacks
Product comparison modules
Brand Story

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what's up guys it's your boy DT here with our baby food content Showdown uh today we're going to take a look at four different baby food brands uh and evaluate which one's performing the best and what did you know it content tends to follow the highest rev numers so let's start with Plum Organics um here so a couple things to note right if we looking at the title uh it's not bad it is you know keyword Rich they don't necessarily do a great job of breaking things up but they definitely tried um
we are seeing um some bullet points ideally you're going to want to leverage the full character count uh which these guys are not even close to doing right so definitely not a great job on the bullet points uh another thing one of the most important pieces for conversion is text on your images uh 81% of clicks on Amazon happen on mobile and so it's very important to have images with uh Tex USPS to improve conversion rate we're taking a look here uh we do find about one which is sort of a you know a packaging
refresh uh we do have one other image with some text here but overall not a ton of USPS they are using video which is definitely important we love to see a video on the listings as well as we scroll down uh we do see a uh Brand Story here looks like they're using it from a USP perspective uh one easy Miss is they're definitely not doing any cross promotion on this which is a super super lwh hanging fruit uh we do have eight plus content we are not using A+ premium um on this listing which is definitely a ding there A+ premium we've
seen massive massive improvements in conversion rate uh just simply adding A+ premium in general uh you can add things like video which we're missing out on you can uh take up 80% of the white space uh here so also misses out on the opportunity to cross promote um overall you know listing is okay but uh nothing to write home about uh next uh you know doing a little bit more uh rev here this brand called Beach nuts um cereal uh on the title front we have a pretty soft title uh not a ton of characters uh that they're
actually utilizing here which is definitely not ideal not best case scenario um so definitely want to see some improvements from a title perspective uh we do have a better job on bullet points we are leveraging a little bit more character count uh we do see um the bullet points do offer some USBS and so they do seem to be a little bit more focus on conversion ideally we do want to max out on the character count here though so there's definitely some opportunity um however we're definitely seeing a lot better job on
images so we see text directly on images uh on some of these products here uh just a general pro tip you know things like uh product images or sort of Lifestyle images with text uh definitely tend to work a little bit better than just a pure uh sort of text image like we have here um as we go down does look like we are missing a Brand Story so definitely going to ding them on that we're also using the old A+ not A+ premium here they do have a cross comparison module which is nice uh but overall definitely leaves much to be
desired now we're going to jump into our happy baby Organics um listing so uh definitely much stronger listing than some of the previous two here we do see a lot more thought in or at least keywords in the title uh itself uh not broken up very well though so it's definitely going to be hard to actually read this uh we want to use things like line breaks in order to actually make this uh understandable for sure if we look at our bullet points uh definitely the best bullet points we've seen thus far we can
see they're leveraging uh you know the full character counts they are uh actually focusing uh you know on things that will help from a conversion perspective uh when we jump into images we do have some uh text on the images here uh focus on conversion I'll say they probably following best practices but it doesn't necessarily read like it's focused on conversion right why do I want to buy this product you know what is better about this brand you know compared to others right um things like that don't
necessarily uh kind of scream through here um we are also missing a Brand Story uh on this uh product listing we're also using a traditional A+ uh now I do like the style of A+ are using uh uh the stackable sort of image um version which looks really great on mobile we do have some nice uh simple easy to understand text here which is nice uh but let's look at sort of a A+ version of a listing here so if we look at our title we are maximizing our character counts we're leveraging line breaks uh here so that it's actually
readable and we jump down to our bullet points uh one we're maxing out on on our character count here uh but you'll see the bullet points themselves are definitely written and focused towards conversion right um here mindfully made and kind of talks about the why right you know clean label project talks about why it's valuable um things like that family-owned company all sorts of great uh tidbits there uh but look at the product images right they start to get really really good you know this us vers
them is a great way to kind of showcase you know why a customer should be purchasing this product over a competitor as we look through you know each of the images uh do involve a combination of Lifestyle plus text and and even some symbols on here uh just to really pop off on what is the most important piece for conversion here as we scroll down we're going to start with a brand story uh you see there uh brand is actually cross-promoting uh to other items uh uh within their portfolio which is a great great call there uh
especially you know free traffic um they also include some USPS and best practices uh within their images and the text um on there uh especially like this is baby food right you get some really great images like super fun to look at and also gives you um a chance to convert now this is using A+ premium so you'll notice 80% of the light Space versus you know these other listings all take up much less uh U white space there when it comes down to A+ we'll also see you can leverage video directly in A+ premium which is awesome um Pro tip you
know uh actually editing the Stills so that you get uh text right in the Steels is a great you know way of of improving conversion rate there uh we've got some cool Power Point point where you can leverage text images uh to focus on conversion hit video again great cross comparison module both on other items and also other flavors uh within the portfolio uh and then also seated questions right so things like negative feedback that you're getting uh things like questions parents typically have you can get those answered right here
and just focus on improving conversion rate even further now I don't know about you guys but if I'm looking at these listings I'll say Serenity kids is doing a much better job than some of the other baby baby food brands out there so we're going to give Serenity kids the content Champion crown for today thanks have a great day

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