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How To Get 10% Back Using Amazon Attribution

Adrianna Lugo By Adrianna Lugo | Published on Jul 27, 2022 | 9 min read
Amazon Attribution is a set of analytics provided that helps you understand how traffic is driven to your Amazon listings. 

This is key in helping Amazon sellers decide where to spend their advertising dollars.

An ‘attribution’ means they are attributing a metric of data to traffic driven off-Amazon, such as from social media pages or other online advertisements. 

This traffic is attributed by using Amazon’s Affiliate and Attribution links.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of attribution metrics and how to implement them in your Amazon strategy. Straight Up Growth can help you set this up and optimize your Amazon listings! Learn more below:

How Does This Affect My Amazon Business?

Utilizing attribution data can help with much more than increasing total sales. 

Using this data can: 
  • Help improve your keyword data and ranking
  • Boosting your Seller Rank + Brand Health
  • Earn up to a 10% Bonus
  • Here’s a SUG one-pager on how to earn this 10% bonus! 

Setting Up Attribution 

Amazon Attribution metrics are tracked through Attribution links. 

This can easily be set up using the Amazon Ads Console. 

Once created, this link should be utilized in all other online advertisements, including social media and SEO campaigns. 

This will help drive traffic to your products, as well as give you data on how your customers are reaching you.

Measuring Success

To easily track the success of your attribution campaigns, we recommend tracking these metrics on a weekly basis: 
  • Click Through Rate 
  • Overall Impressions
  • Detail Page Views 
  • Number of Purchases Attributed per Channel 
  • Add to Carts
  • Total Sales 
Keeping track of these metrics, both overall and per platform, can help you keep track of your attribution efforts and which channels are providing the best ROI. 

Optimizing Performance 

Using this data can help you optimize your Amazon performance and spend advertising dollars more effectively. 

Using this data can contribute to your full-funnel marketing efforts, and understanding your ROI per advertising platform. 


What reporting sites should I use to track this data? 
All you need is Amazon’s Ads Console under ‘Attribution’ to track these metrics

Will this work for all advertisements for my products? 
All advertisements using the attribution link will be included in your Amazon attribution data 

Where should I use my attribution link? 
On any off-Amazon advertisements, including social media and email marketing campaigns.

Are there any requirements to get this data from Amazon? 
You must be part of Amazon’s Brand Registry to access your attribution data. 

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